Guidelines for Presentations
Locate your session room in time. You must be in your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
The chairpersons of a session should ensure the smooth timing of the session and should therefore, in general, not give a lecture during the session.
Please note that:
Speakers should strictly observe time allotted to them.
Speakers should strictly observe time allotted to them.Discussants should first clearly state their name, institution and country of origin; they should not speak without permission
The audience needs sufficient time to change rooms in between sessions, therefore the chairpersons must see to it that speakers do not exceed their speaking time. For this purpose timer is displayed during the lecture in the session room.
Guidelines for Speakers
Locate your session room in time. You must be in your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
Facilities for Power Point presentations shall be provided.
Please hand in your Power Point presentations much prior to the start of your session at the preview room located in the business centre. Failure to hand in presentations in time could result in presentations not being available for projection when required.
Follow the chairs? instructions, in particular those regarding the timing of your lecture.
Brand names CANNOT be used in the titles of the lectures; generic (product) names are allowed.
Special instructions for speakers sending abstracts.
Oral Sessions:
Time allotted to speakers in oral sessions is 8 minutes (including 2 minutes for discussion)
Eligibility Criteria
The presenting author should be a Life Member / Full Member / Associate Member of Urological Society of India with "No Pending Dues".
Must have registered for NZUSICON 2016 at the time of Submission of Abstract.
Abstracts submitted in the proper format along with necessary supporting documents only, will be accepted for evaluation. _______ shall be the last date for receipt of the Abstracts by the Secretariat and not for mailing by member.
Members have to clearly state whether their paper can be considered for poster presentation, in case it is not accepted for platform presentation. Members are requested to give their preference (in order) for several groups under which scientific session will be conducted ( refer the abstract form). No member can make more than one platform presentation. Addition poster presentation may be considered for them.
Dr Uttam Mete ______, will communicate the acceptance of the paper to the delegates. The time, date & session can be ascertained from the scientific programmes to be published.
In the abstract, clearly state the "Take Home Message".
Aims, Observation, Result and Conclusion are also mandatory. Abstract should be specific and not vague. Statements like "Result Will be discussed" are not accepted in a National Conference. Abstracts sent in any format other than the one prescribed (Aim, Materials, Methods, Result and Conclusion) and abstract sent by fax will be not accepted.
Abstract will not be considered if delegate is not registered for the Conference.
Poster Sessions: ?
The Presenter must be present during the allotted time for presentation. Posters shall be on display only on one of these days . Judging will also be done at that time .
An area of 100 cm X 100 cm will be available for each presentation. Poster should be prepared in English and should be headed with title , name of author(s), institution and place. Aims and objective of the study, the result achieved and conclusion(s) should be included in the poster.
Charts, Drawing(s) and Illustration(s) must have self-explanatory titles. In order to be legible from a distance of 2 meters, the letters should be at least 10mm tall and lines should have a striking contrast.
Poster should be made of lightweight material so that they can be mounted easily on poster board. it is advisable for author(s) to bring their own material of choice to fix the poster.
A poster can be submitted for consideration as an Award Poster, only if the individual fulfills all criteria mentioned. Heads of Departments are requested to kindly verify eligibility of the candidates.
Self equipped preview room will be provided for loading the presentation on Laptops of the conference.
Accepted picture file formats
All popular Windows picture files also html.
Video and audio objects are allowed in the following formats
Video formats
All STANDARD Microsoft Windows XP codec?s
DivX, Xvid
Use embedded files, do not use files linked to other files. Linked files will not show up in your presentation! Audio formats:
WAV format
Note :
You can bring your presentation on CDROM-USB Memory stick, 3,5 Floppy or your -own laptop to the preview room to load your presentation onto the system. You can not use your laptop in the lecture room! Posters must be set up in the poster area 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. The poster boards are numbered and you should mount your poster on the board corresponding to the place of your presentation in the session. Pushpins are available in the session room. Please remove your poster immediately at the end of the session.